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Adriapol Institute in partnership with Marin Barleti University, under the High Patronage of The Council of Ministers of the Albanian Republic, organizes every year two International Forums on Smart City and Creative Economy.

The objective of the forum is to gather and share ideas, knowledge, experiences and best practices among researchers, public authorities and professionists that will merge into a vision of a smart city for sustainable and intelligent development.

It is aimed to provide a unique and interactive dynamic platform for discussion and challenging debates on the issue by bringing together a multiplicity of local and international public and private bodies and organization.

This will create the foundation of an effective collaboration and willingness to put in practice such new, innovative ideas by leverage new technologies, infrastructure, design, and planning techniques for future development of the area

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  • Mr. Edi Rama
    Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania

    Mr. Ferid Agani
    Minister of Health, Republic of

    Mrs. Lindita Nikolla
    Minister of Education & Sports, Republic of Albania

    Mr. Frank Hantke
    Head of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Albania

  • Mrs. Teuta Arifi
    Mayor of Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia

    Mrs. Milva Ikonomi
    Vice Minister of Health, Republic of Albania

    Mr. Fabrizio Stella
    General Director of AVEPA, Padova

    Mr. Abdylaqim Ademi
    Minister of Education and Science, Republic of Macedonia

  • Mr. Niko Peleshi
    Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania

    Mr. Vincenzo Bellini
    President of Productive District Creative Puglia

    Mr. Paolo Casalino
    Head of Regione Puglia - Bruxelles Office

    Mr. Massimo Gaiani
    Ambassador of Italy in the Republic of Albania

  • Mr. Marco Mancarella
    Deputy Director of eGovernment Laboratory, Salento University

    Mrs. Eglantina Gjermeni
    Minister of Urban Development & Tourism

    Mrs. Milena Harito
    Minister for Innovation and Public Administration

    Mrs. Manjola Gjoni
    Executive Director AIDA

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